Theodore Hoerr Presents at National ASLA Conference in New Orleans

Theodore Hoerr, Founding Principal of Terrain Work, was in New Orleans this past week as part of the national ASLA conference.    Theodore presented how teaching helps to shape and influence the ideological underpinnings of a professional practice.  He was part of a panel discussion titled, "Learn by Teaching: Erasing the Academic and Practice Divide" with Tiffany Beamer, Partner, OLIN Partnership, Claire Fellman, Director, Snohetta, Ron Henderson, Professor/Director of Landscape Architecture at IIT and Founding Principal of L + A Landscape Architects, and Moderator Nilay Mistry, Adjunct Professor of Landscape Architecture at IIT.  It was a fantastic weekend seeing old friends and making new ones in NOLA.  Hope to see everyone in Los Angeles next year!